DarkWebz was established in 2001 as community for free spirits to meet and otherwise self-moderate themselves and it thrived for close to five years until the unavoidable results of growing up pushed people in different directions and the small community that had endured for so long much progressively faded.

It was then, as I came close to the end of my IT degree that I saw an opportunity to transform DarkWebz into a means for an aspiring IT enthusiast to obtain professional/corporate exposure while on his path to obtaining a Bachelor of Information Technology and thus be slightly ahead of the pack after graduation; thus in 2006 I registered my ABN and changed gears.

With a focus primarily on web development and design I picked up small projects for sold traders and small business, anything I could reasonably commit to in addition to assessment for university. I eventually partnered with a long time associate who was operating Codingo and jointly we had a small four person team capable of tackling most aspects of IT. We shared knowledge, worked collaboratively and for over five years provided IT services to sole traders and small businesses within South-East Queensland and some international clients.

Currently DarkWebz exists purely in a historical context as I no longer actively seek freelance projects and the business side is effectively in hiatus. What remains is the latest version of the portfolio side as a means to demonstrate how self-education and passion is a rather powerful force.